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Top 10 HVAC Issues and Their Solutions

HVAC Repairman Servicing AC Unit in KitchenOne of the most important systems in a Pearland rental property is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Not only is the HVAC system tasked with keeping your tenants comfortable year-round, but at the same time, it likewise increases the longevity of your property. Since it is such a very important system, it’s relevant to have correct knowledge with respect to the most common issues that may emerge  – and how to handle them. To make this uncomplicated for really busy investors like you, we’ve brought together a list of the top 10 HVAC issues and their solutions.

1. Blocked Registers and Vents

If your tenants are objecting to inefficient heating or cooling in the rental home, the first thing you should figure out is whether the registers and vents are blocked. Furniture, home décor, and storage boxes can all obstruct registers and vents, creating airflow issues. By clearing the area with each vent and register, you can definitely improve how your HVAC system functions.

2. Dirty Filters

Another common issue with HVAC systems is that filters are not being changed regularly enough. HVAC filters have to maintain proper air circulation by means of keeping debris and dust out of your ducts and equipment. If the filter gets clogged by dust, not only will the HVAC system have to perform harder to heat or cool the home, but at the same time, internal parts may be damaged also. The correct fix here is a really simple one: be sure that the filter is being changed as mentioned by the manufacturer’s instructions. Conceding that some systems need a new filter every three months or so, various systems may require the filters being replaced as frequently as once a month.

3. Obstructed Condenser Unit

Another most common reason an HVAC system starts to lose efficiency is simply that leaves and debris have collected around the unit, obstructing the condenser. An obstructed condenser unit can trigger your HVAC unit to overheat, afterward wrecking it eventually. To correct the issue, clear the area around your HVAC unit, including any leaves or debris that may be clinging to the exterior.

4. Dirty Coils

The same as the condenser, an HVAC system completely relies on condenser coils to function properly. Whenever the coils get dirty, the HVAC system cannot continue to hold the right airflow, and your unit may overheat. Consequently, it’s necessary to have your condenser coils cleaned consistently, probably once or twice a year.

5. Dirty or Leaky Ducts

If your HVAC filters are not changed constantly, dust can gather in the ductwork, shrinking the space for air to flow. In older houses, it’s even greatly possible for ducts to look dirty or leaky considering rodents, insects, or cracks and holes. Any of these issues will lead to reduced airflow and poor efficiency of your HVAC system. To be sure that your ducting isn’t the reason for the problem, ensure to have it inspected and cleaned if needed.

6. Slow Blower Fan

All HVAC systems use one or more blower fans to move air throughout the rental house. If there is a complication with the blower fan, that can cause airflow issues and make your HVAC system way less serviceable. Over a period of time, fans can weaken or get coated in grime. The answer to a slow blower fan is to have it inspected and either cleaned or replaced whenever the complication is detected.

7. Leaking Refrigerant

If your HVAC system is an older one (or has not been taken care of so well in the past), you may have a refrigerant leak. Leaking refrigerants can cause reduced cooling and airflow problems. Typically, the issues develop gradually as the refrigerant slowly leaks out. To rectify the problem, have your unit closely inspected and repaired by a qualified HVAC technician.

8. Faulty Thermostat

Every so often, the concerns you presume are coming from your HVAC unit are caused by the thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house while making your HVAC unit work harder than it should. If you’ve had your HVAC unit checked and can’t see any issues, be certain to inspect and replace your thermostat before thinking of actually replacing your entire system.

9. Wrong Size Unit

Very much like rental homes, HVAC units come in several different sizes. It’s significant to have the right unit for your space. Units that are too small won’t heat and cool your property really well, Even though units that are too big will often cycle on and off too frequently, leading to stuffy interiors and high levels of humidity. To address this issue, have an HVAC expert assess your heating and cooling needs and make a recommendation on whether you need to replace your current unit with one that is the correct size for your Pearland rental property.

10. Outdated HVAC System

One final matter, another common HVAC system issue is that the unit or the ductwork is old or outdated. This is common in older homes that have been renovated, especially when the HVAC system and ducting weren’t updated along with the rest of the house. To change your airflow (and the efficiency) of your HVAC unit, ask an expert about updating your ductwork. You could easily figure out even small changes can be of great importance.

There are a lot of very common issues with HVAC systems that can be avoided simply by having regular, professional maintenance done every year. However, keeping in mind to schedule HVAC maintenance can be difficult when there are multiple other tasks vying for your attention. Rather, why not entrust the care and maintenance of your rental properties to the Pearland property managers at Real Property Management Prestige? We help rental property owners like you keep your HVAC systems in good condition, saving you money by extending your unit’s useful life and keeping your tenants comfortable in the home year-round. To learn more, contact us online or call us at 281-984-7463 today!

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